Buying a website is easy

Want to save up to 95% on your budget? It’s easy to do: just buy a ready-made site!

Low cost
We offer to buy ready-made sites at a price of $ 1 with constant access to updates
Loyalty program
We offer constant discounts and bonuses not only for regular customers but also for new ones.
Site updates
We try not only to release new ready-made sites, but also to maintain and update old ones.
Full information
All ready-made sites have not only detailed information, but also a demo version for review.

Have you wanted a website for a long time?

Now it has become real. Our store has a wide selection of ready-made websites that you can buy and get in 5 minutes.

The buying process is very simple and fast. You get the site immediately after payment. You can also order immediately the necessary services. 

Now let’s go through the most popular questions.

For example, you have your own business and you want to sell your product online to increase income. The development of a new online store can take months and cost over $1,000. We suggest choosing the most suitable option and buyit in a couple of mouse clicks. Websites are very flexible and changeable. Website is not the only option you might need. We offer other options for ready-made sites, including sites for making money on advertising. These are the so-called autocomplete sites. They themselves are filled with information and thereby increase attendance for low-frequency queries. You can monetize such sites with the help of advertising, affiliate programs and other things.

Buying a ready-made site is no different than buying from any other store. You choose the option you want, add it to the cart and pay. Immediately after payment you will receive a link to download the site. Then it remains only to install on your domain and hosting. You can order it from us at Reg.Top-Bit.Biz.

If the order contains services, then your order is processed. Orders are processed from several minutes to several days.

We have been working since 2014 and value our reputation. All transactions are carried out through the store with the acceptance of the terms of the agreement. According to them, we are obliged to transfer the goods to you after payment. Otherwise, we will be responsible. We are a legal entity. We accept payments through special transaction protectors, which further protects you. Well, if this did not make you change your mind, find at least one review where we took the money and did not provide the goods.

To fully launch the site, you will also need a domain and hosting where to install the site. There are a lot of companies and the rates are different everywhere. You can choose both free and paid. You can find a list of recommendations for choosing a domain and hosting at here.

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