✅ What are the hosting requirements?

Hosting is required with support for Databases and PHP. The most stable autocomplete works on version php 7.1.

✅ How to buy a site

Go to the ready-made sites store.
Add the ready-made sites or services you are interested in to the basket.
In the basket, we double-check the selected ready-made website template and services and then click “Place an order”.
On the payment page, you need to specify the requested data (a link to download the product will be sent to this e-mail) and select the type of payment.
Depending on the selected currency, payment options change. If the order contains services, the order will be processed. You can download the site if the order is in the Completed status.
A notification will be sent to your mail that your application has been successfully processed, and the letter will also contain a link to download the purchased site template. If you have registered on the site, you can download and view your order in your personal account.

✅ Are websites sold with or without a domain?

In our store, all ready-made website templates are sold without a domain and hosting. After the purchase, you will receive a link to download the purchased site. Download the purchased site in the form of an archive, which must be unpacked on your hosting and domain. Instructions (video tutorial) for installing the purchased site are here and here (text instructions), and you can also order the installation of the site by our specialists by selecting the appropriate service in our store.

✅ Is the purchased site in the store unique or a copy?

Ready-made sites in our online store of ready-made sites are sold many times. When you buy a specific site, you get the same one as on the demo version, but in the case of auto-filled sites, they come without content. When you install a site on hosting, the auto-completion system is automatically activated and content parsing begins. Thus, each site initially has different content, which protects you from domain mirroring and various sanctions. Although, ideally, we recommend making your own changes on the site, both in appearance and in content. You can also order additional services from us to uniqueize the purchased site (connecting new sources, adding new headings, editing appearance, etc.).

✅ What CMS do you make websites on?

To develop various types of site templates, ranging from blogs to one-pagers and online stores, we use CMS WordPress. This system is very easy to use and now technology allows you to develop sites on this system are very complex, with all the necessary functionality. At the same time, compared to other CMS, sites load much faster and are much more convenient to administer.

✅ How much hosting space do you need?

On average, a site build weighs about 150 MB. But it is important to consider that more space will be required in the process of filling the space. Basically, hosting takes up space for pictures for posts. The speed of filling depends on the subject.
News topics will fill faster than Architecture and Design topics.
We recommend taking a hosting with a space of about 5-10GB and in the process already order additional space on the hosting or compress (can be deleted) images.

✅ Autofill doesn’t work! What to do?

If you have problems with autocomplete on a site that you bought in a store, you need to create a support request that there are problems with this product and specify which sources do not work. Our specialists accept this application and prepare an update of the product or an export file of the updated list of sources, which should appear in your personal account in the list of available downloads. After that, according to the video lesson, you export this list of sources to your site, while replacing the old list.
In rare cases, the number of sources may differ from the original number of tapes indicated in the product description. These updates will be released as requests are received, and before creating a ticket, check for new export files in the available downloads in your personal account. Tickets related to the notification of non-working sources will be closed by our specialists immediately after the acceptance of this application. Repeated tickets related to this issue will be closed automatically without further clarification. Priority is given to applications from customers who have recently (up to 1 month) bought a site and had non-working sources on it. Read the terms and conditions of the agreement for the terms of product or source renewal.

✅ What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate program – a form of business cooperation between the seller and partners, when selling any product or providing services. The work of the affiliate system on our website works in the CPS format (payment for sales). You advertise our site with your promotional materials and earn 20% of every purchase made by users referred by you. Then you can order the payment of earned money to an account convenient for you.

✅ What formula was used to calculate the estimated income of the site?

Estimated income of the site – the amount is very approximate and it is influenced by a huge number of factors. This is quite an important indicator if you need a ready-made website for making money.
The amount of income can vary greatly. In fact, there is no formula, and the calculation was carried out based on the experience and monetization of such sites. The basis was the amount of updated content and approximate calculations of profits on link exchanges. With parallel monetization of the site in various systems and if the site is promoted, the profit will be much higher.
In accordance with clause 3.10 of the Terms and Agreements, on the sites for income, where the estimated income is indicated, it does not guarantee that you will 100% receive such income. The amount is approximate and depends on many independent factors.

✅ What are tickets and why are they needed?

The ticket system is a special section of the Top-Bit website that helps to establish the most effective interaction between store users and company employees: administration, technical support specialists, marketing department and development team.
A ticket is a sequence of messages from a user and company employees on a particular issue or problem.
You can create a ticket here.

✅ What are your hours of operation?

Opening hours are described on the About Us page.
We work from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. Saturday-Sunday Closed.
We try to respond to messages left via online chat constantly.

✅ What are autofill sites?

Auto-filled sites are sites with a search system for thematic articles and publications on your site. When buying a ready-made auto-filled site, you get this system already as part of the site, as well as a certain number of sources indicated in the product description. This means that the system will analyze these sources for the presence of new articles, and if they satisfy the processing parameters set at the development stage (the presence of images, certain keywords, tags, cleaning extra tags and scripts), then this article will be published on the site at a certain time. rubric, which is also set for a specific source. All articles undergo special processing to obtain the highest quality content that will combine text, picture, and a backlink to the relevant source will be affixed to protect the site from various sanctions from search engines and from the source.

✅ I have “Database Connection Error” after installation!

If you get an Error connecting to the database (Could not connect to MySQL), this means that you have incorrectly entered the data in the wp-config.php file, which is located in the root of the site on ftp. Double check the Database name, username, password and address of the sql server with those you received after creating the database on the hosting. The sql server address is often used localhost, but you’d better check it with your host.
It is described in more detail here.

✅ Can I write my articles on autocomplete sites?

Oh sure. You will essentially have a regular ready-made site where you can write your own articles and add them to the site, but with the auto-complete function. This option has no effect on manually adding content.

✅ The site is infected with viruses! What to do?

Before being added to the store, all products are thoroughly checked by various third-party antiviruses and run through various services to eliminate various threats. Unfortunately, at the moment the WordPress system is quite vulnerable and we cannot predict all possible types of attacks that can go to your site. Also, a lot depends on the hosting where the site is hosted, as well as the infection of the device from which you administer. Since the goods are checked before loading into the store, such problems are considered only on a paid basis. In the Services section, you can order site security audit services, during which all virus threats will be eliminated, and you can also order the site enhanced protection setup service, which will eliminate all popular vulnerabilities. You can also contact your host on this issue. Do not forget to change passwords in the site admin panel and on your hosting to more complex ones using special password generators.

✅ When auto-completing, do articles get uniqueized or not?

Previously, when using the old auto-completion system, we used the built-in article unifier, but as practice shows, the text becomes unreadable and, as a result, the site falls under search engine sanctions. Now we do not use uniqueizers, but at the same time, ready-made sites undergo a series of processing, as a result of which the likelihood of being sanctioned by search engines for using non-unique content is minimized. Also, if necessary, you can take content from foreign sources and set up automatic translation into your native language through the Yandex API.

✅ I have a ready website. What to do next, so that he would start generating passive income?

After acquiring a site to earn money, you need to:
Start up the finished site for indexing in search engines.
Optimize the site and start promoting it in order to attract more targeted visitors, preferably search and social traffic.
After indexing more than 50 pages in Yandex and Google, you can carry out the first stage of monetization in the RotaPost system.
When the site is fully indexed (or more than 50%), the site can be added to the Sape system
Add contextual advertising. You can use AdSense, and others.
Keep promoting the site and when you have high traffic (more than 300-500 hosts per day) you can add other pay-per-click ads.

✅ What to do if after installing the site there is a redirect to another domain?

If, after installing the finished site, when you click on any link, you relink to another domain, then this means that during the import of the site database, you did not write SQL queries to link to your domain. In order to fix this problem, you need to go to PhpMyAdmin, select your Database and click SQL in the top menu. Then write the following sql queries there one by one:

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace(option_value, 'http://domain.ru', 'http://newdomain.ru') WHERE option_name = 'home' OR option_name = 'siteurl';
UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace(guid, 'http://domain.ru', 'http://newdomain.ru');
UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content, 'http://domain.ru', 'http://newdomain.ru');

Where you change domain.ru to the address of the domain on which the linking is currently going on, and you change newdomain.ru to your domain on which you installed the finished site.
In the case when the redirect goes when you click on the Main menu in the main menu, then you need to:
Go to the Admin panel of the site
In the menu, open the Home item and change the link there in accordance with your domain name

✅ How to set up CRON on the server

In order for your feeds in WPGrabber to be updated regularly and automatically according to a certain schedule (at certain intervals of time), you need to set up a CRON job on the server that will make a request to: http://your_site/?wpgrun=1
All this configuration must be done in the control panel of your hosting.
First, make sure you have these options. Find the “CRON” section in the hosting control panel (CRON Management, CRON Scheduler, CRONTAB, CRON Jobs, etc.).
Next, there are several options for setting up a CRON job. The use of any of them depends on the settings and capabilities of your hosting. It is best to read the Help or FAQ on setting up a CRON job on your hosting. You can also contact the technical support of your hosting with a request: “Send an example of sending a GET request to http://your_site/?wpgrun=1 “.
CRON job options:
via wget
CRON command example:
/usr/bin/wget -O ‘http://yoursite/?wpgrun=1’ > /dev/null
Here at the end: > /dev/null optional, this construction cancels the output from the command, thus your mailer will not receive tons of letters about completed CRON jobs.
Via curl
CRON command example:
curl -s ‘http://yoursite/?wpgrun=1’ > /dev/null
CRON command example:
GET ‘http://yoursite/?wpgrun=1’ > /dev/null
Do not forget also in the settings of the WPGrabber plugin (on the left in WPGrabber, select Settings) in the Configuring auto-update feeds panel in the Update method parameter, select CRON Server. In addition, the Enable automatic updates of feeds option must be enabled.

✅ I ordered the auto-fill connection service, but now the filling has stopped or some sources do not work.

If you additionally ordered the Auto-Fill Connection Service for a ready-made site template and auto-fill sources stopped working there, you should provide the order number in the ticket and provide all the data for correction. Correction is possible only within 1 month from the moment of placing an order in the store of ready-made sites. Support may refuse to fix it if you yourself provided a list of sources for connection. In this case, we cannot guarantee the quality of these sources and further edits will be at an additional cost. Also, claims are not considered if the order was made more than 1 month ago.
If you bought a ready-made site with auto-completion, then as part of the warranty service, our specialists are required to provide an updated package of sources within a month. This update only applies to sites with the new auto-complete system.

✅ What is dual income technology?

This is a new technology that allows you to fully synchronize the site with a new twitter account (specially created for the site), Facebook page, VK and other networks. Thanks to this, the indexing of new pages accelerates significantly over time, the reference mass is automatically recruited to each internal page of the site, positions in the index are strengthened, the growth of new visitors to the site increases significantly, and it also makes it possible to have income from a twitter account that will be completely independent of the site itself. In essence, the system cross-posts content to a page on a social network.

✅ How to order the installation of a website for hosting from you?

You can order the installation in several ways:
The easiest and most profitable way to order installation immediately with the purchase of a site in the “Together is cheaper” block.
In the services section.
When ordering, you will need to fill in all the required fields for installation.

✅ How long does it take for a support response?

Ticket response time can be up to 24 hours. If you filed a ticket and there is no answer for more than 24 hours, then this may mean that our specialists are currently fixing the problems related to this issue and these fixes take more than 24 hours. It may also mean that this issue is not within the scope of Top-Bit technical support, but is described in the FAQ section or in the Terms and Conditions of the agreement.
Consider the overall work schedule. Support does not work on weekends.

✅ On what hosting will the purchased site work well?

Recommendations for hosting, as well as other issues, are described on the Recommendations page. There is a list of hosters on which we can guarantee the work of the finished site. This list will be gradually updated.

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