PaymentOur store ready-made website templates is a one-stop service for users from almost all corners of our planet. Therefore, we must ensure that shopping in our store is convenient both for residents of the CIS, Europe, and for visitors from the USA or South African countries. In this regard, we have connected a huge number of payment systems that will allow you to make purchases from anywhere and in any convenient way.Currently, you can use more than 30 payment methods.


After the purchase of the site, we provide a lifetime warranty, which includes:
  1. Site updates
  2. Updating plugins
  3. Fixing minor technical issues
  4. Updating broken autocomplete sources
  5. Correct display of the site
From 03/01/2016, based on the updated Terms and Agreements, we provide a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty refers to the release of a refurbished product or part of a product for self-installation by the customer. Read more in FAQ, Terms and Agreements and on page Recommendations. Warranty service does not apply if you have a problem on the site after your actions with editing sources, changing plugins or adding some scripts… This warranty service does not include installing plugins, editing the site, changing the structure or other services. You can order these services here.

Shopping security

Payment guarantee

One of the alarming questions when buying in online stores is “What is the guarantee that I will receive the desired product after payment?”. We perfectly understand your position regarding this and the possible unpleasant situations that you had during transactions and purchases on the Internet. In this case, we want to reassure you.
  • The Top-Bit website store is a fully automated system and immediately after a successful payment, the system will generate a link to download your website templates.
  • We risk our reputation.
  • If you have successfully paid for the goods and have not received the goods after the time allocated according to the regulations, you can file a complaint with Arbitration.
  • We have a personal Webmoney passport with a fairly high BL.
  • We are responsible in other payment services, as special agreements have been concluded with them, according to which, if we have not transferred the paid goods to the client, we are excluded from this system.
  • We are the owners of a professional account on the site exchange Telderi, through which we can also make transactions to guarantee the receipt of goods after payment.
  • Many, many more…
If we failed to convince you, try to find at least one review that says that we took the money and did not fulfill the terms of the transaction.

Shopping security

We have made every effort to ensure the security and confidentiality of your transactions with us. Rest assured that your credit card details and other personal data will be treated with the highest security and confidentiality standards.The information you send when placing an order is confidential, only we receive it. Transmitted to our payment systems, your credit card information is fully encrypted, it is verified, and the order amount is saved. Therefore, the information is not available to us and we cannot store it. When we deliver your order, we inform our payment service, and it transfers the money to us.If you are still not sure how to order online or if you have problems with checkout, you can contact us at We will be happy to assist you.Please be aware that email is not encrypted and is not a secure means of transmitting credit card numbers. Never email your credit card number.


For individual orders, you will need details by which you can pay for website development or some service. In the case of custom website development, we work on a 50/50 basis. Namely, after determining the terms of reference and the total cost of work, you need to make an advance payment of at least 50% of the total cost of work, after which work on your site starts. This prepayment amount will be a security deposit in case of cancellation of this order and is non-refundable. The remaining 50% of the amount you pay before transferring the site to you, after your verification.In the case of ordering services in the store, you need to pay 100% of the payment.You can pay using the following details:Yandex.Money 410011879466872WebMoney WMZ Z362580520451 WMR R377910602837 WMU U325977276859QIWI +380635631337VISA/ Privat24 5168 7423 0628 2991 5363 5426 0069 7859

Details for paying with cryptocurrency (You can get cryptocurrency here)

Bitcoin: 19q8YcC3stDLdZfeqCcKYJubex7Yrsey1BLiteCoin: LeFvAzXW9KNNPVYHrwkasAtLaTV1y5uPGRDOGE: DDjum5sv2AMwtGFcZ17RvEbgKDzkh5k6C5Ethereum: 0xa5e585233db558855e8ef81e3345f78d4458690dWaves: 3PK7wYW2S527Le3s4z1D4amUcMWise2wD5DZcash: t1Y5XwFDtUzoxX9wVfMVg73zns5LzMye3rbMonero: 4Hm3YrYNgczRAP7jbGCZ7vA8XwbBR8DWMU7Bm9FKZqjxQXPPcwMP1kDbK3mtBSdt2c6TmLCPiMSXa39uBiEBwkg4FPRA4FGEKLTMbmxu9nRipple: rUocf1ixKzTuEe34kmVhRvGqNCofY1NJzVKickCoin: 0x0e3f2352fe1fb8538a2d663f5a833472bcc5aa78Ethereum Classic: 0x59f8980bd94b0bb6116b7d2407eb4acb02c5b78fBitcoinCash: 1Da53B6HiUsprizG5EcDUZ6Yb8AEEPTuiq

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