Enterprise registration data

The activities of the Top-Bit store are legally binding.

We are not currently (January 2022) VAT payers.

Bank Revisions:

Р\с [RUB]: 26007053030015

R/c [UAH]: 26009053020982

R/s [USD]: 26002053028011

R/c [EUR]: 26004053024262

IBAN: UA493220010000026007310032603

Card number: 4035 2000 4078 2143

OKPO: 3287309318

MFI: 321842



For individual orders, you will need payment details Web Development or some kind of service. In the case of custom website development, we work on a 50/50 basis. Namely, after determining the terms of reference and the total cost of work, you need to make an advance payment of at least 50% of the total cost of work, after which work on your site starts. This prepayment amount will be a security deposit in case of cancellation of this order and is non-refundable. The remaining 50% of the amount you pay before transferring the site to you, after your verification.

In the case of ordering services in the store you need to make 100% payment.

You can pay using the following details:

Card number:
4035 2000 4078 2143

Currency payment details (You can get cryptocurrency here)*

Bitcoin: 14zc8fch8aAiWvvt2XZE6TEXMEUqhHyfU2 (BTC network)

LiteCoin: LSQfxtuqk7NWi58s8ocmwHvYSFswD16Gxp

DOGE: DDjum5sv2AMwtGFcZ17RvEbgKDzkh5k6C5

Ethereum: 0x3e154636aecedeaba143b0efdad4ea4cea631e9b (ERC20 network)

Waves: 3PPmnhoCdKqGmvurSrkzdp3z9wsY3y39HFn

Ethereum Classic: 0x3e154636aecedeaba143b0efdad4ea4cea631e9b

*Before paying, check the relevance details.

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