This page will help you get acquainted with the main recommendations that will help you solve a number of issues when shopping premade sites in the Top-Bit premade template store. The section will combine the main aspects mentioned in Terms and Agreements, in the FAQ, as well as in the description of some services or products and will help many in solving various issues.

1. Product selection

You should start from the very beginning, namely, choosing the necessary product and buying it in the store. In the description of any service or ready site  describes the basic information about the product, as well as partially describes the technical characteristics of the finished site template. If you are in doubt about the choice of a product, carefully read its description, and if there is a demo version, read it so that you have the most complete picture of this product. In the case of buying a ready-made site, you will essentially get the same site as on the demo version, only without the content. If you are confused by something in the demo version, reconsider the need for this product. If, on the demo version, you noticed that the news is rarely updated (in the case of auto-filled sites) or with a large interval, please do not panic, because the demo version may have a longer interval between parsing or simply pause autocompletion due to a decrease in loads on our servers. In any case, the goods under the terms of warranty service (for more details, see  Terms and agreements) are updated and you will not you should worry about the fact that after buying a site, the auto-completion system will not work for you.

2. Product filtering

The site has a system of filters to make it easier to find the product you are interested in. To do this, go to the required product category and in the left column you can select site by topic, by site class, by the presence of other functionality.

You can also sort the filtered product by price, date, rating, name…

3.  Payment for goods

You receive the product or the selected service (to be processed by our specialists) only after the full payment of the order. You can pay in various ways, as well as in 4 available currencies (you can select the desired currency in the upper right corner of the site). According to this currency, payment options that support this currency will be offered. We are trying to expand the list of payment options gradually. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.

4. Receipt of goods

When purchasing a site after full payment and confirmation of the order, you will be able to download the site (distribution archive) in your account. The archive includes the site itself with all plugins and the engine and the database. If in addition to the site you bought services in the order, then the order is not automatically confirmed, since the provision of services by our specialists is required. In case you would like to receive the distribution kit before the order is complete, please let us know by writing a letter on the page Contacts or simply write to Online help and our specialists will give you temporary access to download the distribution.

5. Website installation

As stated in Terms and Conditions on many hosts < em>ready-made sites may not work or other problems may occur, including with the auto-completion system. In this regard, we will form a list of recommended hosting, on which there are no problems, and in case of problems, we will fix them under the terms of warranty service.

We currently recommend the following hosting companies:

You should also pay attention to the choice of the tariff plan. If you choose an inappropriate tariff, we cannot guarantee the performance of the site.

After choosing a hosting, you should buy a domain name (you can buy on our child service After buying a domain, you need to register the DNS of the hosting on which you are going to install the site. You can find DNS yourself at your hosting provider or in the letter that you will receive after paying for hosting services. Please note that after registering DNS-s, the site will not work immediately. You need to wait for the delegation procedure to complete, which takes from 3 to 72 hours. This is due to the fact that each ISP updates DNS zones differently and some sites may appear faster than others. You can also buy a domain with tits in our shop

When you have a domain, hosting and site distribution, you need to install it. Our video instruction on site installation  or you can order the service Site installation and our specialists will install the site themselves.

6. Ordering services

When ordering services, you need to indicate in the order note before paying all the necessary data to perform these services. If you did not specify the data, your order will be moved to the background, and those orders that have up-to-date access and all information for execution will be executed in priority. What information you need to provide is indicated in the description of services. If you did not provide the information necessary for execution in the order note, you can send it to the mail shop@top- and indicate your order number in the subject of the email. If within 2 weeks from the date of registration you have not provided information for the performance of services, the order is automatically transferred to the status Completed in accordance with clause 5.7 Terms and Conditions. Further execution will be possible only after re-ordering and paying for these services. So, be careful when ordering services and provide data on time. Before providing data, be sure to double-check their relevance, because if you have provided access, but they are incorrect, the result will be the same as described above.

7. Dual Income Technology

When ordering this service, indicate the current access to the profiles of your social networks that you need to connect. If, after connecting the service, you change access to social accounts, then the synchronization keys are being changed and you need to reconfigure everything. In accordance with clause 5.5 Terms and Agreements, if this problem occurs, the provision of the service will be possible only after re-ordering and paying for the service . If necessary, we can remotely connect the system. We also undertake not to disclose customer data, namely, even if you provide us with access to social profiles, we undertake not to use them for personal purposes.

8. Domains

When buying promoted domains from tits in the store , You need to provide data for its renewal. Information about the system where transfer is possible and what data is required is described in the product itself. When re-issuing in the system, you must fill out a basic questionnaire (not the same as during registration). Copies of documents in your personal account for verification are also uploaded. If the transfer is not possible due to incomplete filling of the questionnaire, you need to eliminate the problems with the questionnaire within 15 calendar days and provide data for re-transmission. If you do not provide this data, the order will be closed, and the domain will be put back on public sale without a possible refund. For more details, read clause 2.8 Terms and Conditions.

We will try to update this page as often as possible and write valuable information. But as we wrote above, a lot still depends on you. Please read this page and FAQ and Terms and Conditions.

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