Autocomplete is the process of automatically collecting content and publishing it on the site. We use this technique on all our auto-filled sites (Aggregators).

What is autofill

Thanks to the auto-completion system, sites always have fresh content on the site without much effort and time spent on administration.

Most of our sites use the WPGrabber plugin to implement autocompletion.

How autocomplete works

The principle of operation of the autofill system is quite simple. We indicate the sources from which we want to take information, indicate the link template, start and end points. Next, we set up methods for processing filling, in which categories to fill and other parameters. We have already described individual configuration processes in more detail on our YouTube channel.

Thus, if a new article appears on the source and it falls under the processing parameters, it is added to the site.

Autocomplete options

Autocomplete is perfect for parsing posts into your WordPress site. As a rule, it is used to collect articles, news, videos. Not suitable for online stores (description will be very limited).

Thanks to the Wpgrabber plugin, we can not only parse content to the site, but also process it. We can remove unnecessary scripts, ads, unnecessary text, change one text to our own, and much more. A separate advantage is the ability to link back to a relevant source. Thus, search engines perceive your site as an aggregator and avoid possible sanctions associated with content theft. In more detail we told here.

It is important to understand that all articles will be copy-pasted and will not be unique. This is a drawback, but not a significant one. We have already talked about this here. Of course, you can use synonymizers, uniqueizers, or, for example, automatic translation into another language using the Yandex API (the autocomplete plugin itself allows). However, it should be understood that such actions can make your site unreadable and machine-readable, and search engines may react to it even worse than if it were simply not unique.


When used correctly, this system allows you to generate a huge amount of useful content on the site completely automatically. We have a lot of instructions and tutorials on how to set it up. You can also order the autofill setting from us.

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