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How to promote a site so that it starts generating income?

Personal sites on the Internet are able to bring their owners an excellent income. But in order for the site to become profitable, it must first be promoted. How to promote your site? There are several special programs for this. Each of them is designed for the same purpose, but has its own characteristics. It is difficult to say which is more convenient to use, each user is individual in this matter. In order for seo promotion of your page to quickly gain momentum, it is advisable to combine these programs, using each for its intended purpose.

AllSubmitter – software for professional website promotion

One of the convenient and easy-to-use programs for website promotion is AllSubmitter. It will help you choose the most optimal keywords for a web page, analyze other sites with similar topics and anchors with similar links. On the official forum of this program, you can get it for free to run.

Site optimization with CS Yazzle

For everyday use, it is very convenient to run the optimizing program CS Yazzle. It is quite effective in terms of obtaining up-to-date data on the activity of competitors.

Promote a web page with Sufr

This program is able to independently view videos on different sites, thereby collecting points. Thanks to them, you can promote your site. Its positive moment is that it can work simultaneously in several tabs, collecting points for one or several different sites. The program can move from one resource to another, click on ads and perform many other actions if they are set in its settings.

Mandatory check for Advego Plagiatus       

In order to make a site successful, it needs to be filled with unique content. The higher the uniqueness of the texts on the resource, the more chances it has to bring good income to its owner. And it doesn’t matter whether he fills his own site or uses the services of copywriters, in any case, it is worth checking the texts on Advego Plagiatus. This program will not only show the percentage of uniqueness, but also indicate the sites with which there are matches.

Convenient programs for web page promotion

Website promotionin addition to everything else, it also involves an analysis of their work. Site-Auditor helps to make it. With this program you can find out:

  • different site metrics;
  • number of links to it from other resources;
  • presence in popular directories;
  • View the same performance of competitors.

Using the HWaddurl program guarantees the automatic addition of the site to the most popular search engines, and the SEO Anchor Generator will help with the generation of texts and anchors. Another free and practical program is called Ya Monitor. It checks the positions of a given web page in Yandex search. The same function in Google is performed by Free Monitor for Google.

If you need to send ads, Cyberboard will help with this, and a complex of several Smile Seo Tools programs optimizes the resource, fitting it to search engines.

Where to get a site for promotion

Alternatively, you can create your site yourself. But statistics show that even with the help of many promotion programs, a site developed by non-professionals does not have much chance of success. Therefore, it is desirable to create a website with the help of specialists who are well aware of all the nuances of this business. When accepting an order to create a website, they listen to all the ideas of the customer, and then try to implement them as much as possible, while adding multifunctionality and a stylish look & nbsp; new web page.


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