Envybox is a dynamic company that provides services to improve marketing and sales performance. Now the company has already developed 9 products. These products allow you to increase the number of applications from the site and earn more profit. Logotype-Envybox
  1. Callback is a widget that is installed on the websites of companies that sell their goods or services. This is a two-way connection between the company and the client in 24 seconds.
  2. Live Chat is a widget that will help you communicate with customers in real time through correspondence.
  3. Customer Generator – This is a widget in the form of a pop-up window with a timer and an offer to use a discount. It generates additional calls and requests from the site due to distraction through a pop-up window.
  4. Attention Grabber – looks like a social media alert box. Thus, it seems that a living person writes. It usually appears in the lower left corner. Most often it has a sound notification, as if a message has arrived in social networks.
  5. Herd Instinct — Widget, which is a pop-up window in which pre-prepared texts are entered that other website visitors have bought a product right now, have made a request on the website , booked a table, etc.
Widget uses queue effect. And the visitor begins to think that right now a lot of purchases are being made on the site. This leads to an increase in the number of orders.
  1. Multibutton – This is a widget that combines several actions at the same time. Here you can combine different buttons: callback, social networks, links to third-party widgets, etc.
  2. Buy on Credit — This is a widget on the site that is displayed as a Buy on Credit button. This widget allows you to sell expensive goods or services. Increases trust and loyalty to the company. Due to a quick and easy way to apply for a loan, it increases sales
  3. Quizzes are a poll widget. Allows you to collect a database of potential customers, increase sales through contact with a cold audience.
  4. EnvyCRM is a CRM system that does not require training for sales managers. Features: maximum automation, client’s time according to his time zone, quick date and time entry, integration with the site, IP telephony, reports.

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