MTT Business telephony service with tools to increase sales and reduce costs. No need to pull wires and buy equipment, everything can be configured remotely in your personal account. You can start working on the day of application, without connection costs. 

MTT Telephony Business

• Special offer from one of the largest telecom operators!
• Number 8800 and city Free, instead of 990r.
• 2 months. without a subscriber fees, then a permanent discount of 50%
• Free connection Widgets to the site.
• Up to 35% discounts on worldwide calls.

Service features:
• Multi-channel numbers throughout Russia.
• Web widgets to increase sales from your site.
• Easy integration with CRM systems and web analytics services.
• SIM-cards, Mobile application, SMS communication.
• Voice greeting, call recording.
• Tools for remote control of work of employees.
• Favorable calls around the world.
• Call tracking and more.

OJSC MTT is one of the largest domestic telecom operators operating since 1994.

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