Videohunter Video Design Studio has been in existence for 1.5 years, during which time more than 70 projects have been completed. Our client audience is the b2b segment (owners of websites, shops, marketers and entrepreneurs). The volume of the audience is about 1000 subscribers due to a rather narrow topic and the fact that we are still a design studio, not an IT product. But our studio is regularly advertised on the Yandex network, social networks. networks, as well as freelance sites.

Videohunter video design studio creates promotional videos, increases sales and image through visual images.
Video animation is great for:
  • Your project presentations
  • Franchise packages
  • Creating the image and brand of the company
  • Your website, in order to increase conversion, trust and loyalty
  • Advertising purposes in social networks, television and electronic displays of your city
  • Corporate Goals
  • Creating video instructions for working with the service
  • Teaching staff on video lessons
  • Blog and social media content

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