Business grants: what is it?

Business grants: what is it?

For aspiring entrepreneurs, startup owners and small businesses, one of the main issues is finding funding for your project. Business grants can help with this. Grants are non-repayable funding provided by organizations, government agencies and private companies to develop businesses and support start-up entrepreneurs.

How to get business grants?

Fondy has prepared complete instructions on how and where to get business grants. In this guide, you will find information about which organizations provide grants, how to prepare for the application, and what documents you need to provide. The instruction also contains a list of grant programs that may be of interest to entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Grant Benefits for Business

  • Gratuitous funding
  • Business development support
  • Helping start-up entrepreneurs
  • The ability to receive financial support that is not related to loans and borrowings

Fondy – an assistant in obtaining grants for business

Fondy specializes in Internet acquiring – that is, it provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to accept online payments by bank cards from their customers. However, the company is not limited to this and has kindly prepared useful instructions on business grants for all start-up entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get financial support for your business! Check out Fondy’s guide and start looking for suitable grants for your project. Feel free to seek help and advice from Fondy’s experts, who are always ready to provide support in resolving your financial issues.

Remember that receiving grants can be a great start for your business and help it reach new heights. But for this you need to be well prepared for the application, study the requirements of grant programs and choose the most suitable option. The instructions from Fondy will help you understand all the details and successfully go through the process of obtaining grants for your business.

Also don’t forget that in addition to grants, there are other sources of funding, such as investors, banks, crowdfunding and others. Use all the opportunities to develop your business and do not stop there!


Business grants are a great way to get financial support for your project. However, in order to successfully receive a grant, it is necessary to prepare well and choose the most suitable grant program. Fondy offers helpful guidance on how to apply for business grants and will guide you through the process of preparing and applying. Don’t miss the opportunity to get financial support and start growing your business today!

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