Marketing and promotion of games: innovative approaches from

Marketing and promotion of applications: innovative approaches from

Introduction to app marketing and promotion

Today’s mobile app world is incredibly competitive, and developers have to find new ways to attract users. Effective application marketing and promotion is a key success factor. In this article, we will look at the approaches and tools offered by, which specializes in ASO ( App Store Optimization).

What is ASO and why is it important?

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing apps for app stores such as Google Play and the App Store in order to increase visibility and downloads. Key elements of ASO include optimizing keywords, graphics, user reviews and ratings.

ASO benefits from offers a number of benefits for its customers, including:

  • Increasing app visibility in stores
  • Increased downloads
  • Increasing user loyalty
  • Improve app store rankings

Main stages of work on ASO

The ASO process includes the following steps:

  1. Market and competitor analysis
  2. Keyword selection and metadata optimization
  3. Graphics optimization
  4. Working with reviews and ratings
  5. Monitoring and analyzing results

ASO Success Statistics

The following statistics show the success of the ASO methods offered by

  • Increase app visibility by 70%
  • 85% increase in app downloads
  • 60% increase in user satisfaction
  • 50% improvement in rankings

Additional services

In addition to ASO, offers the following services:

  • Mobile development
  • App Marketing Strategies
  • Contextual and social media advertising
  • Development and implementation of CRM systems


Marketing and promotion of applications are important components of the success of mobile applications in today’s market. offers a complete solution for ASO, increasing visibility, increasing downloads and improving positions in app store rankings. Thanks to the experience and innovative approaches of, clients get significant results in promoting their applications. Not limited to ASO, the company also offers a variety of services such as mobile app development, marketing strategies, contextual advertising, and CRM system development. All this allows to provide its customers with full support in the development of their mobile products.

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