Domain – in simple terms, this is the address where you can find your site on the Internet. If you go into details, then this is a certain zone in the Internet address structure. Each domain is a unique address and there cannot be 2 identical domains. All domains are entered into the domain name registry with DNS binding.

What is a domain

Domain zones

Since the limit of domains is limited, there are many domain zones.

  1. Thematic domains
  2. Regional domains
  3. Commercial domains
  4. Educational domains
  5. State domains
  6. other

The exact number of domain zones is not known. There are many registrars where you can buy a domain name in the desired zone. Each registrar works with its own list of domain zones.

Domain impact on promotion

Previously, we have already talked about domain influence on SEO website promotion. A lot really depends on the domain. You can register a domain name and start promoting your site from scratch, or you can buy an already trusted domain. The entire history of your site is directly related to the domain. These are domain indicators such as ICS and others, attendance, age…

Buying a domain with a history, you can significantly save on promotion.

A separate factor is to take out the domain name itself. The shorter the domain of the site, the easier it is to remember, and this is an important behavioral factor.

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