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Serpstat​​is a service that provides software on a SaaS model to analyze competitors, collect and expand the semantic core of the site , tracking domain positions in search results​, for clustering and text analytics​, site auditing, as well as analyzing the link mass of the domain.

It is needed for:

​-​search for effective keywords phrases of your competitors in organic search and advertising companies in order to further use them to optimize your website and advertising campaigns;
​- ​tracking daily changes in the performance of individual pages and domains of your competitors;
​ all pages of the site on a variety of ranking factors. The information obtained will allow you to eliminate errors that can negatively affect the ranking of the domain in search engines;
​-​analysis of the link mass of the domain. This will also allow you to get information about the quality of links and, as a result, avoid ranking problems for your domain in the search engine.
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Who can use Serpstat?

Online store owners and marketers

​The service will show the most relevant competitors for each individual site, search and advertising results for a specific query, potential traffic of site pages and help to check their relevance.

Here you can find key phrases by which competing stores attract visitors to their sites and place contextual advertising. In addition, the texts of advertisements, queries for which they are shown, and data on the cost per click are available on the service.

SEO agencies in the provision of the full range of services

​- Using the service, SEO-specialist automates his work. It can much faster select and expand the semantic core of the site according to the semantics of a competitor, select phrases for internal linking, evaluate the visibility of a domain in search, its dynamics, and analyze donors for placing links.


With the help of the PPC service, specialists can set up an advertising campaign taking into account a number of indicators: negative keywords, the level of competition of the phrase, its cost per click, etc.

Copywriters and journalists to create traffic-generating content

With the help of the service, you can easily choose a topic and abstract for a popular article. To do this, there is data on the frequency of search queries and a report on search suggestions (words that automatically appear in the search bar when entering a keyword).

The service also determines those questions related to the keyword that users are looking for answers to most often. In addition, with the help of Serpstat you can find the popular content of your competitors and track the number of reposts on social networks.

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