How to learn to code? New programming languages

New Programming Languages

New programming languages ​​appear on the modern market every now and then. Some come from the pen of eminent corporations, others are the result of the experimental work of enthusiasts. Both of them deserve our attention.

Why should a developer master new programming languages if he already owns the necessary base? 

  • New skills help to look at the usual architecture of projects from a different angle. The programmer becomes more flexible and versatile, which increases his authority in the professional environment.
  • There is always a chance that a new language will “shoot” and become popular in the market. This phenomenon is not uncommon, so you should not put an end to a particular language system ahead of time.
  • Understanding the nature of several programming languages ​​​​helps the developer to more easily approach solving problems and finding the best tool for solving them.

In addition, learning new material trains professional acumen and helps keep abreast of the latest trends. After all, each language system is a unique framework that functions according to its own laws. By studying its structure, the specialist pumps technical thinking and moves away from the standardization of the work process, introducing new skills into practice. You learn to solve standard problems in completely non-standard ways, which gives you the freedom to choose actions and work algorithms.

The following languages ​​are among the popular novelties in the programming market:

Golang (Go) 












Microsoft Power Fx  

If a novice developer does not know which of the proposed languages ​​to choose, we recommend that you pay attention to products written by one or another sign system. This will help to predict the further development trend of a particular language, to see its potential and applications. 

Communicating with like-minded people will also help you decide on the choice of programming language. A community of interests is an opportunity to exchange experiences and discover something new. Thus, the Bubble portal contains information that is unique in its value: analytics, reviews and advice from experienced programming specialists. It will tell here, how to learn to code without significant costs and share the secrets of organizing a digital life.  

Save the site to your bookmarks and learn something new every day with Bubble.

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