SEO techniques that are irrelevant in 2022

SEO techniques that are out of date in 2022

Search engines regularly make changes to their ranking algorithms, so it’s important to stay tuned for updates and website promotion using only up-to-date techniques. The use of outdated metrics can not only stop the process of improving the position of the site, but also negatively affect its further development, since the resource may fall under the sanctions of search engines. They involve a significant decrease in positions or removal of site pages in search results.

Deprecated SEO practices in 2022

Digital agency Lanet CLICK talks about previously popular metrics that have lost their relevance in 2022.

Change of behavioral factors

This technique involves imitating the behavior of a real site visitor (transitions, clicks on pages, adding goods to the cart, etc.). For a while, it did help improve site traffic, but now the technique can do more harm than good. If the search engine detects cheating, sanctions may be imposed on the site for a sufficiently long period.

Instead, the site’s usability has been improved. Specialists are working to make the resource as user-friendly as possible. This will not only improve the visitor’s experience of using the site, but also show search engines that the resource is really useful. As a result, it will be promoted in an organic way.

Link spam

Backlinks have a positive effect on positions in search results, however, many specialists still use this tool incorrectly during optimization and, as a result, get the opposite effect. If you are interested in really effective site optimization, pay attention to the quality, not the number of links.

SEO techniques that are irrelevant in 2022

Reoptimized texts

Do not add too many keywords to the text. It is impossible to get into the TOP of the issue in this way, while the probability of receiving a notification of sanctions remains quite high. Place high-quality unique content on your site that will be of interest to visitors.

Creating unnecessary pages for requests

Not so long ago, in order to promote a site, it was necessary to create a separate page for each request and fill it with relevant content, focused more on search engines than on site visitors. However, the update of search robots algorithms fixed this problem, and now one page can be ranked for several related queries at once.

In general, the trend today is quality of content instead of quantity and focus on people, not search engines. To avoid trouble and save not only time, but also money, you should choose a specialist who monitors updates and uses exceptionally effective techniques in his work.

Digital agency Lanet CLICK brings together professionals who keep their finger on the pulse and work exclusively for the result. The company’s specialists will carry out SEO-audit of the site and develop a truly effective strategy for further promotion, taking into account the current requirements of search networks. Lanet CLICK is a full-cycle agency, so a professional team will not only create high-quality content for site promotion in search engines, but will also come to the rescue if you need contextual advertising, SMM promotion or other Internet marketing services.


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