Why renting a dedicated server is profitable?

The task of any hosting is the safety and processing of data stored on the site. At the same time, it does not matter what kind of project it is, the difference lies only in the number of processed resources that maintain stable and efficient performance, as well as in the amount of traffic. With shared hosting, it will not be possible to achieve stable operation of the portal with a heavy load, so you should try to rent a dedicated or & nbsp; virtual server. Even cheap VDS is superior to regular shared hosting, as it has the ability to fine-tune and manage, and also more resources available.  

 cheap VDS

VPS/VDS servers in modern realities are considered a rational and cost-effective solution, but on condition that the Internet resource will have enough power. In some cases, you can not do without a more powerful processor, more memory and hard drive space, and that’s just all this has a dedicated server. It allows not only to host the tenant’s website, but also provides the advantageous capabilities of a supercomputer.

VPS/VDS vs Dedicated Server

VPS/VDS hosting virtual type is part of the resources available on physical computer equipment. It is able to save data and ensure the stable operation of the company’s website. However, it is possible to place several virtual servers on a physical computer, which ultimately affects the degree of an equivalent distribution of resources between them.

As for the advantages of such hosting, it is worth noting the possibility:

  • using part of the resources of the physical north, making the service cheaper;
  • installing your own software;
  • making changes to the OS and settings system;
  • administration.

To manage a virtual server, you will need to have enough experience and skills so as not to involve specialists in this process.

As for a dedicated server, it is a separate supercomputer in the data center. Due to uninterrupted operation and increased uptime, this type of hosting is used to implement large projects on the Internet. A dedicated server compares favorably with a virtual one:

  • the maximum amount of power and resources for one client;
  • the ability to install any software and operating system;
  • full control of settings according to site requirements;
  • better data security.

Which server and what criteria to choose

cheap VDS

It is difficult for an inexperienced webmaster to choose a specific server due to the huge number of offers from hosting providers on the market. However, the solution to this problem lies in the following algorithm:

  1. Determining the type of server (dedicated or VPS/VDS).
  2. Selecting the amount of RAM and hard disk size.
  3. Finding out the location of the physical equipment (Ukraine, Europe).
  4. We calculate the reliability and overall quality of work.
  5. Determine the maximum allowable value of traffic that can be received by the server.
  6. We study the quality and efficiency of the support service for the solution technical nuances in the work.

If we talk about the pricing policy, then the cost of a virtual server will be several times lower in comparison with a dedicated one. For this reason, if there is no need for powerful equipment to run a business, it is better to choose the cheaper option. Also important is the factor whether the server allows, if necessary, to increase or decrease the amount of resources.

Rational conditions for renting a dedicated server

When creating a web project with the prospect of its subsequent growth and development, you need to take into account that the capacity of a virtual server may not be enough. This can lead to low download speed, unstable operation of the portal, and the appearance of various kinds of errors. For large projects, it is worth choosing a dedicated server that can provide the necessary resources and power.

It is also important how far and where exactly the dedicated server is located. The closer it is to the target audience of consumers, the higher the page loading speed will be. A heavy-duty computer is able to provide an uninterrupted connection for users, regardless of the distance of their stay.

For understanding, if the data center is located in Warsaw, then the process of transition to Polish sites will be without delay. And if the user visits the same site, but from the territory of Ukraine, then the delay time will not exceed 14 milliseconds, which is also an excellent time indicator.

But to finally determine the need to switch to a dedicated server, it is recommended to study the workload of VPS hosting resources. If it exceeds 80%, then such a decision will be really rational and justified.

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