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The portal, where you can find out about all emergencies around the world, will bring a high and stable income. The auto-filled site Emergency Incidents has a clean design that matches the style of the news described on the site.

The estimated income of the site can be: 2000 rubles per month.

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The auto-filled site Emergency Incidents will allow the owner to enjoy a passive high income.

The portal will not bring difficulties in finding relevant news, because it will automatically search for them and post them on its pages. The information is updated daily, respectively, the number of visitors will increase every day. About the portal interface:

  • all in Russian;
  • articles are divided into certain categories, which allows the visitor to easily and quickly navigate;
  • A corresponding image is attached to each article.

Tags and scripts are removed from the texts, and a link to the relevant site is attached. This allows you to prevent claims from the copyright holder. Each visitor to the auto-populated site Emergency News can subscribe to site updates, as well as share news on social networks.

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  1. Avatar of mihanikus0777

    by mihanikus0777

    Заинтересовался возможностью покупки готового интернет ресурса новостной тематики. Воспользовался услугой сайта и сейчас являюсь обладателем полностью сформировавшегося контента. Постоянная автонаполняемость сайта, все ссылки на источники, рост посетителей. Первый мой подобный опыт и пока меня всё полностью устраивает.

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