terminates cooperation with users from the Russian Federation and Belarus

Sanctions against Russia and Belarus

Never thought I’d have to write a post like this. We have always tried not to associate politics with work. However, this is no longer politics.

From February 24, 2022, from the moment of the large-scale invasion of Russia, with the support of Belarus in Ukraine, we join the entire civilized world. We condemn this aggression and express our support for Ukraine.

In this regard, we join the whole world and introduce a restriction on users from the Russian Federation and Belarus. From today, it will be impossible to buy or order in the store from these regions. Payment in rubles has also been discontinued. Payment systems related to the aggressor are also not available.

In the near future, users from these regions will be blocked, and old purchases will be frozen. Support for users from these regions will work until the accounts are blocked.

Expect an update and contact details. The phone in Russia will be turned off!

We are for the truth! We are for Peace! We are for Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

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