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Modern future mothers spend whole hours on the Internet in search of relevant and useful information about childbirth, pregnancy, and caring for babies. The auto-filled website about pregnancy will bring high income, because the number of visitors will only increase every day.

The estimated income of the site can be: 800 rubles per month.

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    Specify the sources from which to take information and in which section on the site to add it

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Auto-populated website about pregnancy is a profitable investment

If you are looking for a site in which you do not need to invest a lot of money and which does not require a lot of time to fill, you should buy an auto-filled portal all about pregnancy. A feature of this site is the auto-completion technology, which automatically:

  • selects texts from verified sites, placing them on its page;
  • removes scripts and tags from articles;
  • adds suitable images;
  • categorizes articles.

To avoid problems with the copyright holders of the texts, the system indicates at the bottom of each article a link to the source. This avoids plagiarism. The site is updated daily, so most likely you will need to install a more powerful hosting. Otherwise, the portal will hang and errors will often occur. It is worth noting the stylish and attractive design of the site, which will not go unnoticed by visitors.

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  1. Avatar of alena.burik

    by alena.burik

    После покупки сайта, я стала приносить прибыль себе в карман,достаточно не плохую для карманных расходов. Притом портал очень полезный, для беременных очень нужная информация на нем хранится.

  2. 00

    by navy

    то что надо

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