IKS (Site Quality Index) – an indicator of the Yandex search engine, which came to replace the TIC (thematic citation index). The higher the score, the better for sites.

What is IKS

The main calculation indicator is site traffic and site satisfaction (the bounce rate should be minimal) by the standards of the Yandex search engine. This indicator is updated once a month (at the beginning or end of the month). The indicator is a multiple of 10.

The indicator is very important for the monetization of the site in the exchanges of the CIS countries. Most advertisers are guided by it, as it combines many parameters.

Most modern exchanges do not accept sites into the system if the IKS is less than 10.

Therefore, if you want to start monetizing your site as soon as possible, we recommend choosing domains with ICS.

Where to buy a domain with IKS?

You can buy a domain with ICS in our store in the section Domains. You can also buy on various exchanges or specialized services.

How to check ICS?

You can check the ICS of your site (domain) in the Yandex.Webmaster panel. It displays the entire dynamics of this indicator. You can also check through independent services, but they often show only the current indicator.

How to raise X?

The question is quite complex and is influenced by many factors. First of all, your site must be well SEO optimized. Attract visitors from social networks and forums. Increase the link weight of the site. Ideally, authoritative publications of a thematic nature would link to your site.

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