Feed is the source or part of the autocomplete source.

What is autofill feed

The whole process of setting up the auto-complete system is to connect source tapes.

What is a ribbon?

Under the tape there can be either a whole source or a part of it. It is the tape that is configured in the auto-complete system and has a specific address of the index page, which is monitored for new source records.

What is the difference between the source and the feed

The source is the entire site from which we want to take information. The feed can be either a whole site or part of it.


For example, you need to take a specific source heading and add it to the same category on your site. In this case, a feed is configured from the source, which will check not the entire site, but a specific rubric.

If we indicate the entire source, then for example (using the example of a news site, the Finance section), the Finance section will include news not only from finance, but also from politics, health, sports, etc. That is why sources are divided into tapes for the most correct presentation of information on the site and to avoid chaos.

Customize Ribbons

There can be an unlimited number of tapes from one source. It can be categories, search by tags or search queries, and sitemaps…

In our store, all prices when ordering autofill are indicated specifically for setting up the tape. You can order customization here.

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