VPS (virtual private server) or VDS (virtual dedicated server) is a virtual dedicated server provided by a hosting company.

What is VPS (VDS)

This is a more budget option for renting a server. You get full control over all possible settings, OS, Control Systems and more. All limits are limited only by server resources allocated for your tariff.

This is the ideal solution when you need to make changes to the server configuration that cannot be done on regular hosting.

VPS (VDS) versus hosting

Unlike hosting, you yourself are the owners of your server and configure it as you need. All limits are also limited only by your server resources.

Among the disadvantages compared to hosting is server administration. to correctly configure the server and optimize it requires special experience. Hosting company support usually refuses to set up and support servers. Hosting is better in this regard. Therefore, if you do not have a large site with low traffic, it is better to choose a regular hosting.

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