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The usability of this site is excellent:

  • original design;
  • User friendly interface.

The site is equipped with a script of the latest generation, which allows you to replenish content automatically. At the same time, information is processed and cleaned. Estimated monthly profit from this resource is not less than 2300 rubles per month.

The estimated income of the site can be: 2300 rubles per month.

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    Specify the sources from which to take information and in which section on the site to add it

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Features auto-filled portal Sports news

The materials of the site provide an opportunity to be in the forest of the most important news from the world of sports.

The portal contains a huge amount of information on competitions, athletes, reflects the main events that happen in the sports world.

You can see the full list of ready-made sports websites here.

The search engine is very convenient, which allows you to find the necessary material in a matter of seconds. Using a virtual resource is very easy.

Autocomplete function site content is an innovation that is implemented using a special plugin.

What is it?

  • in automatic mode, the resource selects materials from sites that have proven themselves from the best side;
  • materials are placed automatically by headings;
  • all new content is cleared of unnecessary tags and links;
  • All illustrations and photographic materials are supplied with copyright links, which allows you to avoid a ban from search engines.

Auto-filled portal Sports news provides good hosting that allows you to receive information traffic 7/24.

Additional information

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Number of sources (tapes)


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7/30/2019 Update 2.0

————————————————– ———-

Build composition at the time of the updated release

————————————————– ———-

CMS: WordPress Version 5.2.2

Template (theme): Max Mag Version: 2.09.0

Test site performance: MySQL: 5.5.6, PHP (CGI) version: 5.6.2 or higher (we recommend 7.1.22 or higher)


  • Akismet Anti-Spam 4.1.2 – anti-spam system
  • All In One SEO Pack 3.1.1 – System for professional SEO optimization
  • Contact Form 7 5.1.3 – Site Feedback
  • Cyr-To-Lat 4.2.1 – CNC setup on the site
  • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.17 – Sitemap on Page
  • Find duplicates 1.4.6 – Plugin for finding and removing duplicate content
  • Theia Post Slider 1.15.1 – Template Slider
  • Video Thumbnails 2.12.3 – Automatic thumbnailing of videos (for example Youtube)
  • WordPress Menufication 1.2 – Responsive Menu
  • WP No Category Base 1.1.1 – Removes ‘/category’ from your permalinks
  • WP Sitemap Page 1.6.2 – Add sitemap to any page/post
  • WP Twitter 4.2.2 – Twitter Widget Integration
  • WPGrabber Top-Bit Edition 3.3 – grabber – parsing articles from other sources
  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin 4.3.37 – Mobile Site Generation

08/28/2014 First release 1.0

Sources used in the build at the time of the Release Update from 7/30/2019
————————————————– ———-

Number of tapes – 9

————————————————– ———-
Number of sources – 3



7/30/2019 Update 2.0

  • Updated WordPress CMS to version 5.2.2
  • Graber updated
  • Updated the Max Mag template to version 2.09.0
  • Imported the source package from Update 1.0.1
  • Updated all plugins
  • Support for new php versions
  • Removed links to our store from the template
  • Cleaned up old revisions
  • Optimized the database

7/30/2019 Update 1.0.1

  • Sources updated
  • Added a ban on the transfer of reference weight under sources
  • Fixed issue with duplicate H1 tag
  • We reduced the amount of processing
  • Improved image processing
  • We changed the processing method for some tapes

08/28/2014 First release 1.0

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  1. Avatar of Дмитрий

    by Дмитрий

    Занимаюсь продажей спортивных футболок и продавал их всегда в различных группах. Сайт давно хотел купить, но думал они очень дорогие, пока не нашел вас, доволен вашим дизайном и наполением. Благодаря Вам и вашему сайту, я увеличил свои продажи.

  2. Avatar of Евгений Попов

    by Евгений Попов

    Установил движок, на хостинг, запустил, вроде все работает. Пока еще не разобрался как можно добавлять RSS ленты, думаю у меня все получится. В целом вполне рабочий сайт, приятный дизайн, по крайней мере меня не раздражает.

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