Middle class – a simple site by the standards of Top-Bit’s general classification of sites, but which has more flexible functionality than the base class.

 Description of mid-range sites

Sites of the Middle class have simple functionality, but have more features than the Base class. Such sites already use the admin panel or CMS WordPress.

Most of the changes can be made through the admin panel of the site. Such sites already have a wider set of plugins.

In our store there is a separate filter that helps you select a site by Class. All middle class sites can be seen here.

Benefits of Mid-Range Sites

  1. Suitable for teaching and learning
  2. Have a set of the most necessary functions and plugins
  3. Have simple code and fast enough
  4. The cost of such sites is low

Disadvantages of Middle Class Sites

  1. Many websites are not responsive
  2. Have limited functionality
  3. Difficult to monetize, has few banner areas
  4. Simple appearance
  5. Missing additional effects

Autocomplete on Mid-Range Sites

If you buy a Mid-Class site with auto-completion, then as a rule, the new auto-completion system is already used there. The number of sources on such sites is not large.

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