How to make money on an autofilled site 25000-30000 rub/month

How to make money on an autofilled site

Hello everyone.

In this article and video, we will tell you How to make money on an autofilled site.

Since 2014, we have been selling autocomplete sites on various topics, and all of them are designed for further monetization in advertising networks. Many sites were sold, there were many clients.

Some managed to achieve good results, while others were disappointed and did not earn 10 kopecks and abandoned this topic of passive income.

We’ve been releasing various articles and tutorials related to over the year’s website monetization, but most simply ignored them and decided to go their own way.

You can really make good money on sites, and more than once, looking at the results of our clients, we were overjoyed. This is true, and it’s very nice when you see a site that was bought half a year – a year ago and it brings $3000-5000 per month. When you see such numbers, there is an incentive to work further.

Unfortunately, the idea to publish information aboutsuccessful cases came not so long ago and many unfortunately did not respond to a request to provide information for publication (without the permission of the owner, we unfortunately cannot publish information).

But let’s not pour a lot of water, but just consider the First successful case of one of the clients, who nevertheless kindly provided information and tell us How to make money on an autofilled site.

How to make money on an autofilled site

And now a little about the site from this case.

And some information from the client’s words:

Sharing my experience with monetizing autocomplete site that I bought from you. Kinoportal site, at first glance simple with films, news, headings. It would seem an ordinary and nothing particularly attractive site. This is what I did: I started an author’s blog on the YandexZen platform and began to write about films, actors, etc. on it. And at the bottom of each publication give anchor link to this site. Traffic went high quality and most importantly! Free.

So I managed to bring my site to the TOP and achieve XI site 180. I encourage you to take advantage of my experience. Now I have a monetized channel on the platform YandexZen (it turns out approximately 25-30 thousand rubles per month) and a site with such indicators is already safely accepted for monetization by other advertising platforms in the cinema profile. The most interesting thing is that in this way you can monetize any thematic auto-filled site purchased here on the top-bit

I want to thank the staff of this service for their timely support and help with site settings. I have not purchased one site here. I recommend to everyone. Good luck!

And another instruction from the client’s words

Step by step:

1. Requires registration mail on Yandex

2. Click become an author

3. Fill in the avatar-cover of the channel

4. Write the name and a short description of the channel

6. Verify phone

7. We get acquainted with the rules of what is possible and impossible

8. We write articles on our topics (optimally 3 articles per day but not more than 5) the volume is from 1500 characters

9. We design articles and publish

10. After five days, the algorithm checks your topic and sends you traffic of an interested audience in your topic

11. Write articles preferably daily. Regularity is very important

12. Links to other sources are allowed in articles, but it is not recommended to do so immediately

13. When the channel gains momentum, subscribers will go and you will reach the bar for monetization of 7000 rereads in 7 days monetization will open for you. (Reading is at least 40 seconds of a visitor being on your channel)

That’s actually the whole cycle.

And you can use the autocomplete site and insert a link to it in your articles.

On the channel: 4031 subscribers, 206 publications, 999 358 reads, current karma 1099 PLACE AMONG 20227 MASTERS I get special screenings +25000 hits p>

The main thing is that content is interesting

This is the result we getour client.

And what result did you achieve?

Send us your cases by email, and we will write a review about your success and give you a nice bonus.

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