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Most of the world’s population daily watches the news and searches for interesting information. A site with fascinating facts or exciting news topics will attract large numbers of visitors, which in turn will allow you to receive a stable tangible income.

Something interesting happens every minute. In order for the content of such a resource as Auto-filled site Interesting facts find out everything to be constantly updated, Top-bit provided it with a special auto-filling technology that eliminates the need for constant manual search for facts.

The estimated income of the site can be: 2500 rubles per month.

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    Specify the sources from which to take information and in which section on the site to add it

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Why is an Auto-filled site Interesting facts find out everything guaranteed to bring a good monthly income?

Additional income through the maintenance of sites has been popular for several years. The initial optimism and zeal were replaced by an understanding of how much timeit takes to constantly update a resource, search for information, and place it. Talented developers came up with an ingenious way out of this situation – a system for automatically filling the portal. Technology is good because:

  • uses a variety of quality sources;
  • automatically fills the site with fascinating facts;
  • has an intuitive and stylish design;
  • the system allows you to get “clean” articles, eliminating possible claims from sources;
  • provides posts with relevant illustrations.

Why choose Autocomplete site Interesting facts find out everything, among others? Firstly, the fact that its subject matter is quite extensive and there will be no lack of information. In addition, statistics show that Internet users spend most of their time on portals that talk about something exciting and exciting. Thanks to the various up-to-date resources from which the autocompletion system takes information, the portal contains facts for every taste.

A separate plus is the design of the portal, consisting of rubricators, does not let the visitor go, inviting him to view more and more new pages.

Additional information

Site class



Number of sources (tapes)


, , , , , , ,


7/12/2019 Update 2.0

————————————————– ———-

Build composition at the time of the updated release

————————————————– ———-

CMS: WordPress Version 5.2.2

Template (theme): Sahifa Version: 5.6.14

Test site performance: MySQL: 5.5.6, PHP (CGI) version: 5.6.2 or higher (we recommend 7.1.22 or higher)


  • Akismet Anti-Spam 4.1.2 – Anti-Spam Plugin
  • All In One SEO Pack 3.1.1 – System for professional SEO optimization
  • Disable All WordPress Updates 1.6.5 – Disable plugin and template updates
  • Contact Form 7 5.1.3 – Site Feedback
  • Cyr to Lat enhanced 3.5 – CNC setup on site
  • Find duplicates 1.4.6 – Plugin for finding and removing duplicate content
  • Simple Local Avatars 2.1.1 – Avatars on the site
  • UpToLike Social Share Buttons 1.5.9 – Social share buttons on the site
  • Video Thumbnails 2.12.3 – Generate Thumbnails from Video
  • WP No Category Base 1.1.1 – Removes the word Category from links
  • WP Sitemap Page 1.6.2 – Sitemap
  • WPGrabber Top-Bit Edition 3.3 – grabber – parsing articles from other sources

05/30/2017 First release 1.0

Sources used in the build at the time of the Release Update from 12.07.2019
————————————————– ———-

Number of tapes – 15

————————————————– ———-
Number of sources – 10



12/11/2020 Update 2.0.2

  • Sources updated

04/10/2020 Update 2.0.1

    • Sources updated

7/12/2019 Update 2.0

      • Updated WordPress CMS to version 5.2.2
      • Graber updated
      • Updated Sahifa template to version 5.6.14
      • Imported the source package from Update 1.0.1
      • Updated all plugins
      • Removed the WP No External Links plugin since now the weight transfer ban goes directly to the source
      • Removed links to our store from the template
      • Cleaned up old revisions
      • Optimized the database

7/12/2019 Update 1.0.1

      • Sources updated
      • Added a ban on the transfer of reference weight under sources
      • Fixed issue with duplicate H1 tag
      • We reduced the amount of processing
      • Improved image processing
      • We changed the processing method for some tapes

05/30/2017 First release 1.0

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