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Auto-filled car portal (Premium) with a very nice design and simple interface. The site will surprise you with an innovation with which you can work through a large number of sources and get rid of various scripts and tags. This is an innovative virtual resource autocompletion feature

The estimated income of the site can be: 2500 rubles per month.

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    Specify the sources from which to take information and in which section on the site to add it

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Auto-filled car portal (Premium) what features does it provide?

Staying on the wave of new technologies and other pleasant moments from automobilnaya allows this auto-filled site. For those who care about the information component, the convenience of using the portal will be a bonus, because it is elegant and convenient in its simplicity. Additional and important bonuses when choosing this portal will be the following characteristics:

  • The advanced technology built into the portal to facilitate the search process allows you to process a large number of diverse sources without bothering;
  • The information component stored on the portal is divided into blocks by headings, which greatly simplifies the work and saves time;
  • Automarks are configured for car brands, and a map of marks has also been created;
  • As a result of processing a large amount of materials, you can get authentic information on articles and visual effects for them, where each of the articles has a link to the current source attached to it, which will allow you to avoid claims from the copyright holder and search engines;
  • If customers have questions, a feedback form is provided for such purposes. If you need to remember some news or there is a desire to share it with friends, then you can access various social networks;
  • The site is controlled by the plugin All in One Seo Pack.

Auto-populated car portal needs hosting.

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11/08/2019 Update 2.0

————————————————– ———-

Build composition at the time of the updated release

————————————————– ———-

CMS: WordPress Version 5.2.4

Template (theme): MagaZone Version: 3.0

Test site performance: MySQL: 5.5.6, PHP (CGI) version: 5.6.4


  • Akismet Anti-Spam 4.1.3 – Thumbnail Regeneration
  • All In One SEO Pack 3.2.10 – SEO plugin
  • Automatic Post Tagger 1.8.2 – Collection of tags by keywords
  • Contact Form 7 5.1.4 – Site Feedback
  • Cyr-To-Lat 4.2.3 – CNC setup on the site
  • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.17 – Single Page Sitemap
  • Find duplicates 1.4.6 – Finding and removing duplicate records
  • Multi-column Tag Map 16.0.4 – Display Tags
  • Video Thumbnails 2.12.3 – Generate Thumbnails from Video
  • WP Remove Category Base 1.0 – Removes an extra level in a link
  • WPGrabber Top-Bit Edition 3.3 – New autocomplete system

10/23/2014 First release 1.0

Sources used in updated package 1.0.1 from 11/08/2019
————————————————– ———-

Number of tapes – 10

————————————————– ———-
Number of sources – 7



9/13/2021 Update 2.3

  • Updated all sources

2020/07/23 Update 2.2

  • Updated all sources

03/13/2020 Update 2.1

  • Updated all sources

11/08/2019 Update 2.0

  • Updated WordPress CMS to version 5.2.3
  • Graber updated
  • Imported the source package from Update 1.0.2
  • Updated all plugins
  • Support for new php versions
  • Removed links to our store from the template
  • Cleaned up old revisions
  • Optimized the database

11/08/2019 Update sources 1.0.1

  • Updated all sources
  • Fixed an issue with H1 duplicates
  • Optimized images during parsing
  • We closed the transfer of link weight to the source
  • Optimized allowed tags
  • Optimized optimization in sources

10/23/2014 First release 1.0

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. Avatar of Андрей

    by Андрей

    Не открывает пример сайта

  2. Avatar of euroliberali

    by euroliberali

    Не исправлено! Пример Сайта так же не открывается!

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      Исправили уже данную демоверсию. Приносим извинения за неудобства

  3. Avatar of Silovvasya

    by Silovvasya

    Отлично работает. Сайтец супер, хочу себе прикупить 🙂

  4. Avatar of MIller16061987

    by MIller16061987

    Сайт выглядит великолепно. Все выполнено лаконично. Очень перспективный на взгляд. Интересный лот для покупки.

  5. Avatar of platon522

    by platon522

    По ходу недоступность демо версии постоянная для данного сайта.

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      Здравствуйте. Приносим извинение. Выпустили обновление к данному товару и восстановили демо версию.

  6. Avatar of platon522

    by platon522 (verified owner)

    Добрый день! и всех с рождеством. решил пока есть скидки купить и этот сайт. вопрос к разработчикам.
    когда вы планируете обновить до PHP 7.3.
    стоимость сайта не маленькая, можно было бы и обновить.

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      Сайт должен работать на версии php 7.3

  7. Avatar of platon522

    by platon522 (verified owner)

    и так же вопрос по поводу блока марки авто. оно не рабочее?

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      Внесли правки. Спасибо что сообщили

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