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From past articles you have learned a lot of interesting things about wordpress customization, plugins and templates. Today we will tell you how to update wordpress to a newer version. Sooner or later, every blogger will face the issue of updating, so let’s figure out how to do it right.

Why do developers constantly update software? Because all sorts of bad baby dolls find “holes” in this software and use them for their hacker needs. In new versions of these holes, as a rule, it is less. So if you still have wordpress 2.6, we strongly recommend that you consider upgrading it.

If you decide to upgrade, then go ahead. Before installing a new version of the engine, we strongly recommend that you do a full BackUp of your site. Again, don’t even think about updating wopdpress without backing up your files and databases. You can lose your blog, and then you will tear the rest of your hair.
In general, there are two ways to update wordpress: in automatic and manual mode.

The automatic update function is built into the engine itself. To do this, just select the Updates item in the admin panel and if you have an outdated version, then wordpress will offer you to upgrade to the latest version. To do this, simply click on the Update button, and basically everything.
Automatic update is certainly good, but only if everything goes smoothly, and this happens quite rarely. Therefore, you need to know how to update wordpress manually.

How to manually update WordPress

  1. First, we need to go to and download the latest version of the engine. Unpack the downloaded archive, which will contain all the files and folders of the new version of WordPress.
  2. Next, go to the admin panel of our blog and disable all plugins. Select everything and apply the Deactivate action.
  3. Then we need to connect to our site via FTP using the FileZilla program and delete two folders from the hosting: wp-admin and wp-includes. Do not be afraid to delete them, in case of unforeseen situations, we have backup copies of the site.
  4. Now we need to do one very important step – transfer the wp-config.php file from our server to your computer. Open it with Notepad++ (in my opinion, the most convenient text editor for a webmaster). And transfer the necessary settings (database name and password, username, etc.) to the wp-config-sample.php file that we downloaded with the new version of wordpress.
  5. Save the file as wp-config.php and together with the new engine files we transfer it to our server using the same FileZilla. Transferring with replacing old files with new ones.
  6. And the last step. We go to the admin panel of your blog and see the offer update the database. Click on the big beautiful button. After that, the wordpress update process can be considered complete.
  7. After that, we need to activate all our plugins back. We go into the plugins, select the Recently Active tab, select all and apply the Activate action. Yes, friends, it doesn’t happen often, but it still happens that some plugins refuse to work with the new version of the engine. In this case, just download and install newer versions of plugins. After that, everything usually works.

Today we learned how to update wordpress to the latest version. We hope you find this information useful. In the future, you will find a lot of interesting and useful information, so do not forget to subscribe to blog updates and stay up to date with the latest news.

Important! If you are not sure about the update, it is better to contact our support team.

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