What is an Autocomplete site (aggregator)?

What is an Autocomplete site (aggregator)?

Hello everyone!

Our first autocomplete site was created back in 2013. Since then, we have been regularly releasing similar sites, expanding the range … But … We are increasingly asked the question “What is an autocomplete site? “. It would seem that everything is clear from the name. By the way, the correct name is “Aggregator”, but the autocomplete site sounds more understandable! Isn’t it?)

In this regard, we decided to write this article, where we will reveal to the maxims information regarding such sites. We will try to answer the questions “What is it?”, “How does it work?”, “Where does it get information?” and from where the legs generally grow.

And so, let’s start in order.

What is an autocomplete site?

origin of aggregators

Let’s start with the correct designation of such sites. In fact, the term “Autocomplete Site” does not exist. It is correct to call them Aggregator. This is the correct technical designation for such sites.

To be more specific, we have taken the main notation from Wikipedia.

News aggregator, or, less accurately, media aggregator —a computer program or information online resource  (site or page of the site), displaying a structured news feed, a selection of news from various media, as a rule, according to specified criteria automatically

Although we can’t see your faces, we understand that nothing is clear from this notation. ) That’s why we call them Autofill sites, not Aggregators)

Essentially, this is a site that collects valuable information from various sources.

Imagine the situation, you go to a newsstand and try to choose a magazine based on the announcements on the cover. You have enough money for only one. In fact, in this case, the kiosk is the aggregator, although it often does not take money.

This is an ideal way to read news about one event, but described from different points of view. In addition, it allows, for example, to combine specialized automotive publications, women’s magazines, scientific and other materials on one site, to capture a wider audience.

In a way, it’s kind of All Inclusive in the field of information.

History of origin of aggregators

history of occurrence aggregators

Frankly speaking, we ourselves are wondering when the first aggregator was created and by whom. However, even Wikipedia does not have such information, which is a pity.

P.S. Do you know when the first aggregator was created and by whom, write in the comments and get 300 rubles to your bonus account.

They obviously appeared a long time ago and were constantly improved. We took part in this relay race fully only in 2014 by adding the first autocomplete sites to the store.

Types of aggregators

Today, there are not only media aggregators, but many others. Aggregators of goods, ads, real estate, news…

Popular aggregators in the CIS

  • Google News
  • Yandex News
  • Ramler
  • Newsland
  • Ukr.net
  • Mail.ru and others.

In fact, their number is huge, but they all take information from various sources and publish it on their own.


What is an Autocomplete site avtorskoe pravo What is an Autocomplete site (aggregator)?

You will ask about copyright on Aggregators. The question is quite appropriate.

Since aggregators usually publish all or part of the news from other sources without the consent of the authors, this may violate copyright law – considered in the EU, in its turn by proposing to oblige media aggregators to sign contracts with the resources whose news they use in order to give the original source exclusive rights to the material

In most aggregators, the owners themselves submit information via RSS feeds, while the rest of the sources are taken from such sources that do not prohibit this when affixing the primary source.

These are the sources we use on our auto-populated sites. At the same time, it is mandatory to put a back link to the relevant source.

How the content works on sites from the Top-Bit store

All ready-made autofill sites in our store are populated with a flexible plugin. At the time of development, our specialists select thematic sources and set them up on the site. This is necessary to get clean text and images, as well as a backlink to the original source.

At the same time, the functionality is cross-functional and you can add your own author’s articles without disrupting the autocompletion. Thus, it (your site) can work both automatically and manually.

We try not to take a large number of sources, as it is more difficult to control them, however, at your discretion, you can reorder sources.

Relationship of Search Engines to Autocomplete Sites

relationship between search engines and autocomplete sites

The question is perhaps the most difficult and we are already tired of answering it. There is an opinion that such sites are banned, that they are not indexed, that they cannot be promoted…

Answer then, why are Google News, Yandex News, Newsland and other aggregators indexed? Do not know? And we know!)

It’s all about authorship. Search engines can indeed punishsites that steal content from others. And all of the above applies specifically to such sites. There is no reason to block our autocomplete sites. And we can prove that by providing a bunch of sites that have been around for years. They are indexed and developed!

After all, we put down a backlink to the source, while others may not.

P.S. We previously recorded a video related to demystifying autocomplete sites

You say, “The site will then give link juice to the source and it will be difficult to promote it!”. Good question, but with the latest updates we are closing backlinks from passing link weight.

Often at this point, customers go to Autocomplete Sites and make a purchase!)

The advantage of aggregators

Perhaps the main advantage is ease of use. You do not need to spend a lot of time on site administration, write unique articles for days to keep the content up to date. The site will do everything for you.

In addition, due to the expansion of the volume of new pages on the site, the semantic core is also expanding. This increases traffic for low-frequency queries to the site, and in the process, the overall traffic.

But don’t let things take their course. You need to deal with any site, develop it, and soon it will repay you with a good income!

We hope you liked this article and now you will understand what you are dealing with.

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For the lazy to read, we recorded a video from the lesson)

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