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Sports Predictions Site with Autocompletewill be of interest to everyone who is interested in sports news, betting… The site is quite simple visually, but combines convenient usability and interesting content. The site can easily monetize and receive passive income.

The estimated income of the site can be: 7000 rubles per month.

Important! Please note that the update is disabled on the demo version. After installation on your server, the site is fully filled.

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    Specify the sources from which to take information and in which section on the site to add it

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Sport Predictions Website with Autofill

Sports Predictions website will delight you with an interesting and simple design, as well as useful content. This site is the first one related to sports predictions. The site will always have up-to-date content. The autofill system will help him in this.

And for those who don’t know about autocomplete sites yet, go here.


Sports Predictions is Premium and has a functional and flexible look and rich functionality. The site uses 6 main sections. Some have subcategories (all forecasts are divided into subcategories). Thanks to the mega menu, we were able to concisely structure all the subcategories of the site.

After opening the site, you get to the main page, which is designed conveniently and intuitively. On it, you will see the main blocks that display the latest entries from the popular sections of the site.

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At the very bottom of the site is a footer area where you can add widgets. Even lower, you will see the Site Copyright, which you can change in the template settings.


The Sports Predictionssite is autopopulated, and there are 21 autofill feeds from 7 different sources (sites). All articles are carefully processed and categorized. As a result of filling, you get only pure text and images, videos. At the end of the article, a link back to the relevant source is affixed. This link is the only one in the article and is blocked from passing link weight to the source using the Noffollow attribute. Also, this link will protect your site from possible sanctions from search engines.

Functionality of the Sport Predictions website

The site Sport Predictions is built on the latest (at the time of creation) version of CMS WordPress 5.3.2. The composition includes more than 15 plugins responsible for CNC, Output of records, SEO optimization and feedback. The Jannah theme is responsible for the appearance of the site, which has separate settings. Although there are not so many of them, the most important site settings are taken into account. In addition, there is a separate system for monetizing the site and much more.

site sports predictions adminA general list of plugins and other components can be found in the adjacent Composition tab.

SEO Optimization

The Sports Predictions Website has a system that helps to carry out a comprehensive SEO optimization of the All in One SEO Pack website. We have already talked about it before. The system is set up to generate basic meta tags. If you want to achieve better results, we recommend ordering SEO Optimization Service in our store.


The site has a high potential for monetization through banner networks, affiliate programs, link exchanges and other channels. As we wrote earlier, on the site you can see an example of placing banners. The topic is quite in demand and there are a lot of advertisers. This site will be of interest to advertisers from any field of activity.
earn from sports predictions


Although the site is not very large, it is very convenient for both the user and the owner. You can easily edit content and design. Directly from the admin panel, you can conveniently place banners for further monetization. And the auto-completion system itself will fill the site with fresh content.

Additional information

Site class



Number of sources (tapes)


, , , ,


16.01.2020 First release 1.0

————————————————– ———-

Build composition at the time of release publication

————————————————– ———-

CMS: WordPress Version 5.3.2

Template (theme): Jannah Version: 4.5.1

Test site performance: MySQL: 5.5.6, PHP (CGI) version: 5.6.2 or higher (we recommend 7.1.22 or higher)


  • Akismet Anti-Spam 4.1.3 – Anti-Spam
  • All In One SEO Pack 3.3.4 – SEO website optimization
  • Arqam Lite 1.0.6 – Social Media Management
  • Contact Form 7 5.1.6 – Contact Form
  • Cyr-To-Lat 4.3.2 – CNC on site
  • Jannah – Extensions 1.0.11 – Template Extension
  • Jannah Speed ​​Optimization 0.2 – Site optimization from a template
  • No Category Base (WPML) 1.3 – Removes the word Category from links
  • Taqyeem 2.3.1 + Taqyeem – Buttons Addon 1.1.0 + Taqyeem Predefined Criteria 1.0.1 – Template Addon
  • WP Sitemap Page 1.6.2 – Sitemap
  • Video Thumbnails 2.12.3 – Generate Thumbnails from Video
  • WPGrabber Top-Bit Edition 3.3 – grabber – parsing articles from other sources

Sources used in the build at the time of publication of the release from 16.01.2020
————————————————– ———-

Number of tapes – 21

————————————————– ———-
Number of sources – 7



2022/02/10 Sources update 1.6

9/24/2021 Build Update 1.5

  • License issue fixed

08/09/2021 Autofill sources update 1.4

3/24/2021 Autofill sources update 1.3

  • Updated all autocomplete sources

01/29/2021 Autofill sources update 1.2

  • Updated all autocomplete sources

08/20/2020 Autofill sources update 1.1

  • Updated all autocomplete sources

16.01.2020 First release 1.0

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  1. Avatar of Олег

    by Олег (verified owner)

    Купил недавно этот скрипт, работает отлично… если данный сайт использовать как сайт спортивных новостей и различных историй о букмекерских конторах… сайт просто на 5+ баллов. Ну а если использовать его действительно как сайт прогнозов спортивных ставок то тут 3 – с минусом причём с большим.. поэтому ставлю 4-ре!

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      Благодарим за ваш отзыв.

  2. Avatar of Nikita01uz

    by Nikita01uz (verified owner)

    Долго думал какой сайт купить, либо кино сайт либо про спорт, ну решил остановится на спорте. Купил вчера данный сайт, установил на хостинг, все работает отлично, за это спасибо разработчикам! Ну вот беде не могу сменить логотип в шапке сайта на свой, в корне сайта нет его, искал в админ панели получилось сменить только на главной странице, а при переходе на другую страницу опять старый логотип стоит. Помогите как его поменять, я уже весь интернет облазил не могу найти не чего. Когда то давно когда был блог как-то менял шапку через wp-admin а сейчас не могу найти в данной установленной теме! За работу вам 5+ звезд!

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      Здравствуйте. Логотип как правило меняется через админ панель. Оформите пожалуйста тикет и наши специалисты помогут.

  3. Avatar of Nikita01uz

    by Nikita01uz (verified owner)

    С логотипом я разобрался после долгих поисков, теперь вопрос почему при переходе по прямой ссылке сайт отображается в таком виде как на скриншоте ? У вас в демо версии он отображается вот так ну у меня такое отображение только при переходе по ссылке на главную то-есть мне надо набирать http://мой сайт/glavnaya
    И еще что мне не понравилось то что вы вставляете свой копирайт, все таки это не бесплатный сайт чтобы были ваши ссылки вставлены.

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      Оформите пожалуйста тикет на и мы проверим в чем проблема.

  4. 00

    by hamcovsergey2509 (verified owner)

    Купил сайт! Всё отлично, но не могу зайти в админку. Поможете?

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      Здравствуйте. Доступы предоставлены в деталях заказа. Если по ним не получается войти, оформите пожалуйста тикет на

  5. Avatar of anuradil03

    by anuradil03

    Был ли этот сайт одобрен адсен, РСЯ?

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit

      РСЯ принимает такие сайты.

  6. Avatar of Nikita01uz

    by Nikita01uz (verified owner)

    Обновите на сайте шаблон, разработчики блокируют его то что он нулевый.

    • Avatar of Top-Bit

      by Top-Bit


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